Games are great aren't they? That's why you're here, to bask in their greatness, to let their wonder dribble into your eyes and ears and cart you off to spectacular new words.

But do you know who else likes games? Game developers! That's why they make games. So we asked some of them what their favourite games of the year were, and then they answered us, which was nice.

Granted, some of them answered with games that didn't come out in 2015, but you can't really blame them, they're very busy people.

Mat Annal - Nitrome: Downwell

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"I think it would have to be Downwell. It made me reconsider some things we were doing in our own games and it was the only game to manage that so it stands out."

We agreed, giving the game a Gold Award and calling it "a brilliantly balanced vertical roguelike."

Barry Meade - Fireproof: Like, three games that didn't come out this year

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"Framed - just a beautiful idea well executed. I love this game in particular because it's like a big advert for why mobile gaming can be so unique. When you take advantage of touchscreen, you create something no other gaming device can mimic."

"Dungeon Village - this I played for a few hours when it game out but I didn't really dig into it until summer this year. It has everything Kairo does so well. Charm, mechanics, slickness, and simple, tight game loops you can learn and exploit."

"Baldur's Gate - Just because. It's not the best game ever, It's not even my ideal mobile RPG but it worked in that you really could lose hours in the world. It gives me hope that the first true mobile-only RPG smash hit is achievable."

Josh Presseisen - Crescent Moon Games: Hyper Swiper

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"That's a tricky one. Oddly enough I really fell in love with the game Hyper Swiper. I really could not stop playing it. In fact I'm still playing it a bit.”"

"There's not much to the gameplay other than the standard clicker fare, but I love that you can just continue to upgrade and the music and artwork is really soothing to me."

Neil Rennison - Tin Man Games: Lifeline

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"I hate to say, but an app that's in competition with ours! Lifeline has done for digital interactive fiction, what Sorcery! did to digital gamebooks."

"It's been the most important release in our genre this year by a long way."