Free Android

If you've been a very good boy or girl this year, you might have got yourself a fancy new Android device for Christmas.

To help you get started, we're putting together quickfire lists of the best games on the App Store.

In this entry, we're getting a little help from our friends in the best multiplayer games.

Platform Panic
By Nitrome - buy on Android
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Taking inspiration from Mega Man and Mario, Nitrome's Platform Panic is a an inspired blend of infinite runner, free to play gaming, and retro classics. You'll need fast reflexes and pixel-perfect precision, making it a great choice for those who cut their teeth on 8bit consoles.

By Rovio Entertainment - buy on Android
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An off-shoot of Angry Birds developers made something unforgiving, relentless, soul-crushing, precise, gorgeous, addictive, and fantastic. It might be even better than Angry Birds itself.

Dead Trigger 2
By Madfinger Games - buy on Android
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If you're new to mobile gaming, you might not know that you don't need to pay for games that look like this. For the low low price of zero dollars, zero cents, you can get a staggeringly good looking game. If you want to cough up for more guns, more stuff, and faster progression - well, that's up to you.

Skiing Yeti Mountain
By Featherweight Games - buy on Android
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Few games have captured the zen-like calm of soaring down a mountain. But Skiing Yeti Mountain, which pits you against an (almost) endless series of slalom challenges, nails it. It's also weird, enigmatic, and wonderfully generous.

Punch Quest
By Rocketcat - buy on Android
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Punch Quest mashes up two different genres. The auto-runner, which is (mostly) an invention of the mobile era. And the beat 'em up, which has been around since the coin-op. The two come together for a fiercely brilliant brawler with a wicked-sharp sense of humour.