Christmas should be a time for sharing and being sociable. If you're a gamer, though, you want to spend some time curled up alone for some quality screen time. All the more so if there were some hot new games or bits of hardware in your stocking.

So we feel we should remind you that on mobile, at least, there's an easy way to do both at once.

Both the App Store and Google Play boast a cracking selection of board game adaptations. These aren't your tired old classics but fresh, thrilling, and thoroughly modern titles. Games that the whole family will love. And at a fraction of the price and setup time of the real thing.

Gather them round with some of these, and get your screen time and some family time all at once.

Ticket to Ride
By Days Of Wonder - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Resplendent in a new update, this isn't some closet nerdy nonsense but a real new classic in the making. Its appeal lies in it being both accessible and exciting. It's a variant of rummy, where you collect sets of coloured cards. But in Ticket to Ride you have to cash in your collection to claim routes on a board.

Sounds simple, but there's limited space available. So it's a heated race to get your trains down before someone blocks your way. It's not the best route to family harmony, but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

Pandemic: The Board Game
By F2Z Entertainment - buy on iPhone and iPad
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If you want something a bit less cut-throat, how about a game with no competition at all? In Pandemic, you're all working together against the game. It's a race against time to save the world from the ravages of a killer disease.

OK, so not the most seasonal of themes. But you'll forget all that as the deck ticks down and the tension mounts and you're just one card away from finding a cure.

Galaxy Trucker
By Czech Games Edition - buy on iPad
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Galaxy Trucker is a ludicrous title in which players build space ships out of spare pipes and then race them across the cosmos. Yet the mischievous sense of humour in the game masks a decent depth of strategy for those that want to search it out.

This works well as a pass and play game but, unusually for a board game adaptation, the solitaire version is even better. So you can still enjoy it for hours by yourself once everyone else has gone home.

Can't Stop
By Playdek - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Everyone loves a bit of a flutter at Christmas. Instead of losing real money, how about betting on a game instead, one where you have some control over the result?

Roll two pairs of dice, and see who can reach the top of the probability curve first. You can keep rolling as long as you want, but fail to make a combination you've already rolled and it's turn over. Time to see if the next player can resist the lure of temptation in the season of indulgence.

D&D Lords of Waterdeep
By Playdek - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Worker placement games are traditionally seen as hard and heavy. Mathematical games suited only to the geekiest end of the market. Lords of Waterdeep puts a lie to that stereotype.

OK, so it's set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, so it's still geeky, but for good reasons. The game itself is easy to pick up, enthralling and occasionally very vicious.

By TheCodingMonkeys - buy on iPhone and iPad
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One of the first hobby board games to come to mobile, and still one of the best. Carcassonne is a mixture between a strategy game and some strange collaborative art project.

Players take turns laying tiles to build a map of medieval France. But some surprisingly cut-throat strategy emerges in the race to claim towns and monasteries as your own.

Forbidden Island
By Button Mash Games - buy on iPad
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If you want a simple co-operative game that can even young children can enjoy, look no further. Each player has a simple special ability. They have to use these in collaboration to try and rescue four treasures from a sinking island.

It's not very deep, but that hardly matters as tiles vanish beneath the waves and the tension ratchets up.

Catan HD
By USM - buy on iPad
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If you haven't played the German import that kickstarted modern board gaming, now's the time to try it. It's a game of dice rolling, trading and spectacular land-grabs that anyone can pick up and play. Or, in this case, pass and play.

Catan's secret is using the bell curve of a pair of dice to make a game that's strategic but still random. All the banter of trading and resource thievery adds spice to an already beguiling mix.

By Days Of Wonder - buy on iPhone and iPad
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We marked Splendor down because it doesn't have online multi-player. It does, however, work well as a pass and play game. So there's no reason not to try one of the best economic games of recent years with your friends and family.

As the old saw goes, it's easy to learn but difficult to master. And the art, depicting renaissance era gem crafting, is lovely on a high resolution screen.

Hey, That's My Fish! HD
By Fantasy Flight Games - buy on iPhone and iPad
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Who isn't going to love a family-friendly game full of cute widdle penguins at Christmas? Aww, look at those flippers and belly flops go as they race around the ice, trying to be the one to get the most fish! Aren't they adorable as they brutally box each other in to empty corners of the board, so their opponents can steal all the food?

The penguins hide what's actually a simple and challenging abstract game. A child could play it, indeed children love to play it, but it takes a certain fiendish genius to play it well.

Reiner Knizia's Ra
By Codito Development - buy on iPhone and iPad
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This is an old app now, and it shows in a sloppy interface and grainy graphics. You might find the quirky scoring system off-putting too, since it takes a while to learn.

Once internalised though, this is a fantastic family game. It's an auction game where players bid to claim slices of Egyptian history. Everything changes with every action, demanding constant reassessments of what's up for sale. You'll never have so much fun shouting "RA!" at your Granny.