Updated: Original list by Harry Slater, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on March 21st, 2021.

Today we are going to cover the best Star Wars games for iPhones and iPad at the moment that you can play on the go. 

I've seen a few Star Wars movies in my time. The entire world is obsessed with Baby Yoda - and I am too - seeing loads of versions of him across the interwebs. With such a strong franchise, it's only a matter of time until your phone finds its way into playing some of these games.

Anyway, we thought this was a perfect time to round up the best Star Wars games on mobile. Because nothing says fandom like playing a mobile game while you're watching a film in the cinema, right?

There are some classics on the list, some epic adventures, and some games more tailored to the casual audience. And you know what, they're all pretty damn good.

So without further ado, let's go and bull's-eye some wamprats in our T-16. By which I mean to pick some good Star Wars mobile games. I know all the lingo.