Maestria might be pretty but it certainly knows how to be tricky too.

Out for iOS now, the idea in Maestria is to ring the bells in each level in the correct order to restore Harmony.

You play as a girl called Fugue who is able to emit a circle of force that rings these bells.

And so crucial to completing each puzzle is where you place the bells in relation to Fugue's position.

Later levels have you using other characters inside the levels who will also emit a force of their own. You'll have to take all of these variables into account.

But you may also want to take a moment to appreciate the artistry of each of the levels. They've been hand-crafted by solo creator Antoine Latour with small cities, train tracks, temples, and more.

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Maestria has 160 levels for you to complete and is available on the App Store for £1.49 / $1.99 right now.