DrinkBox Studio (creators of Guacamelee!) has released a new trailer for its upcoming PS Vita first-person monster slasher Severed.

As you'll get to see - and as we've explained before - Severed has you playing as a one-armed heroine called Sasha who sets out to retrieve her missing family.

Using a living sword that she obtains from a mysterious figure, Sasha has to fight through a series of monsters that all have different weaknesses.

What's interesting about Severed is that DrinkBox has opted for using the Vita's touchscreen rather than its buttons for the slashing.

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"[W]e think that using the touchscreen for sword combat has allowed us to make the game a much more deep and complex experience than button-based sword fighting ever could have been," writes DrinkBox.

Specifically, the touchscreen allows for more flexibility, slashing at different speeds, directions, and shapes.

This means the strategies for defeating the monsters are much more numerous than they would be if confined to buttons.

Other neat features of Severed include using a "focus" mode during which Sasha throws monsters in the air and can slice off limbs.


It's also possible to wear the corpses of the bosses you defeat to gain new abilities. You can see Sasha in her gruesome outfits in mirrors or the upgrade screen.

DrinkBox still hasn't given a release date for Severed but says it will out soon.