Indie publishing label Finji has announced that it's bringing one-touch hopping adventure Runaway Toad to iOS and Android in 2016.

It's to be the latest game by the creators of explosive puzzler Super Splatters (which came out for PC and consoles in 2013).

It started out life as a prototype inspired by Flappy Bird but when it was given to illustrator Nina Limarev it came into its own under her hand.

In Runaway Toad, the idea is to hop across a treacherous swamp world to escape the clutches of a princess.

Following the Grimm fairytale, this princess has been collecting frogs to kiss in hopes that one of them will turn into a handsome prince.

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But she's in the past for the titular toad. Now it's got to concentrate on exploring the swamp, eating bugs to gain new powers, and finding secrets.

As to those powers, screenshots show that the frog can grow wings to fly and become inflated with gas to hover across the swamp. You'll have to find out the rest for yourself.

You can find out more about Runaway Toad on its website.