November has gone, and with the fading of the sun, we have lit torches to ward off the dark. And so we can make sure we're not being rampantly consumerist in the dark.

Was it a good month for mobile games though? Er, nah, not really. I mean there were some gems, and one bright light in particular, but November was far from a vintage month.

But who knows, maybe December will be littered with classics. And not just a thousand Flappy Santa, Angry Santa, and Clash of Santas clones.

We can but dream. Here then, is a list of the ten best games of November. Disagree, have your own suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

The Room Three
By Fireproof Games - buy on iPhone and iPad

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There was really only one place to start this list, and that was with this brilliant continuation of one of our favourite mobile series ever.

The Room Three is a brilliantly atmospheric slice of puzzle gaming, and features some of the most intuitive controls you're ever likely to poke, swipe, or tap on your mobile

It might lose some of the purity of the original game, but this is still a wonderful experience that simply wouldn't work anywhere else. An absolute must buy.

Real Boxing 2: Creed
By Vivid Games - download on iPhone and iPad

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Punch, punch, punch, it's all in the mind. But it's mainly in the fingers. And surprisingly enough for a film tie-in, this is pretty sharp.

The focus on various different moves, and on tactical scrapping rather than just mashing out swipes and taps, makes for an entertaining bout of pugilism.

It looks good, there's plenty to do, and there's even an extra mode that lets you play alongside the story of the film. If you fancy some solid punching, this is worth a look.

Square Rave
By Unusual Cadence - buy on iPhone and iPad

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What would happen if you mixed Nokia time sink Snake with a mid-'90s ecstasy flashback and then threw it on the App Store? Square Rave would happen.

This is a slightly complex twitch puzzler that sees you gobbling up squares while a line races across the screen.

It's a lot better than it sounds, it's got a bracing art style, and it's an awful lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Progress to 100
By Ludosity - buy on iPad

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An interesting one, is Progress. It's a clever puzzler that uses pretty much every possible input style your iPad has to offer.

All you're trying to do is turn a black screen white. But you might have to move your iPad around, talk to it, or drag your fingers over the screen in a specific way.

And it's an awful lot of fun. It's even more fun if you're playing with a bunch of other people, so invite some friends round and give it a go.

By Cublo SP - buy on iPad and iPhone

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A big hefty boardgame adaptation that throws you in at the deep end of the industrial revolution. And then sends you bankrupt.

There's zero hand-holding here, and our reviewer Matt suggests downloading the rulebook for the physical boardgame if you want to get to grips with the digital version quickly.

But if you can get past the complexity, you'll find a wonderfully in-depth, super difficult strategy experience.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
By Pixel Toys - download on iPad and iPhone
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Stomp, stomp. Shoot, shoot. QTE sword-fight. That's basically the rhythm of this grim on-rails shooter set in Games Workshop's future dystopia.

It doesn't give you that much freedom, but the bubbly violence here is pretty entertaining, and stomping is always fun.

Plus if you've got a swanky new iPhone 6s you can use this to show off 3D Touch to all of your friends. They'll love you for that.

Tiny Rogue
By Ravenous Games - buy on iPad and iPhone

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Tiny Rogue pretty much does exactly what you'd imagine it to with a name like that. It's a stripped down roguelike that's perfect for quick-bite mobile sessions.

There's not a great deal of depth here, but the gameplay is slick, and it adds extra bits and bobs as you play to keep things interesting.

This is a decent way to get into the roguelike genre if you've been a little put off by the genre before. Looks super cute too.

World of Tanks: Generals
By Wargaming - download on iPad and iPhone

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A card battler with a good deal of strategic depth set in a world where everything is tanks. Except the ground. The ground isn't tanks.

Our foxy reviewer Glen Fox compared it to chess, since different tanks have different movement patterns on the grid-based board, and you need to take out your enemy's general to win.

It's fun, it's sharp, and while it still doesn't offer the real WoT experience we've been waiting for, it's worth a crack.

Snowboard Party 2
By Ratrod Studio - buy on iPad and iPhone

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A reasonably slick snowboarding sim that sees you pelting down a variety of mountains pulling off ridiculous gravity-defying tricks.

It's pretty traditional in its outlook, but there's quite a lot going on, with a variety of different modes and some multiplayer thrown in too.

If you enjoyed the early Tony Hawks games then you'll probably get a kick out of this, and it's always good to get a kick out of something.

Super Dangerous Dungeons
By Jussi Simpanen - download on iPad and iPhone

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A super-tough platformer with some neat ideas and a solid control system. This one used to be a flash game, but it's transferred to iOS pretty darn well.

It's got some retro charm, although that charm will likely make you want to punch the main character after he plunges into some spikes for the hundredth time.

While it's not for the faint-of-heart, if you like to jump around and swear a lot, there's a lot here to like.