One of the rare things worth looking forward to in life are Fugl updates.

It's a beautiful game that takes the blocky look of, say, Minecraft, and flies away with it (yes, quite literally) to reach something immediately alluring.

Most recently, its creator (who is also responsible for Melodive) has added two new biomes to the game. These are Oasis and Jungle, and they can be seen in the video below.

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Pretty, isn't it?

But I hear your nagging question. What do you do in this game?

Well, you fly around procedurally generated environments as a bird. Cool... what else do you do? Um, honestly, not a lot. It's all about exploring in a meditative fashion.

That said, there are creatures to look out for, at least. In fact, with these new biomes, comes new creatures: crocodile, vulture, bilby, kangaroo, and desert rabbit.

You should be able to see these new creatures hopping around in the video, so keep an eye out.

As to when Fugl will be with us... dunno. It's still very much in mid-development. But keep your fingers crossed for 2016.

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