What's a Square Rave?

It's a game, silly. Square Rave is a fast and addictive rhythm puzzler that takes the gameplay of Snake and blends it with the frantic endless action of Super Hexagon.

How does that work?

Well, you play as a little square on a 10x6 grid. Your aim is to slide a square around with your finger and collect as many blue shapes on the grid to increase your score. These appear randomly and any number can appear at any time.

That doesn't sound very hard

I wasn't finished. There's also a white bar that rhythmically moves from the left of the grid to the right and you have to make sure that the tiny square is sitting in a blue square when it reaches the far edge or it's game over.

I'm still not seeing where the challenge comes from

Oh, well how about the fact that the white square also turns your tail (which you leave behind you when you move across the grid) solid, preventing you from traveling through it during the bar's next sweep?

Okay, now we're talking

I'm glad you're coming around. There are also a few other pitfalls like a black square which shrinks your score when you travel through it and nice things like a yellow square, which turns your tail into blue squares. Use that wisely and you can rack up a big score.

Are you done?

Just one more thing. There are six levels in total and each one ramps up the difficulty. The speed increases to an insane level and there are far more dangers than before. The harder levels lead to huge scores much faster though. Super Hexagon, eat your heart out.

You seem to really like this game

I do. It's a lot of frantic rhythm action fun, has a decent soundtrack, and is alarmingly addictive. Square Rave just works - it's incredibly intuitive and gobbling up a bunch of blue squares right before the white bar reaches the end of the grid is very satisfying indeed.