It turns out that 'Friday' is an elastic concept, and bargains that were once confined to a single day to celebrate the US holiday of Thanksgiving are now available for a week or more, both in stores and online.

That means you can no longer rely on your rival-barging and waiting-all-night-outside-a-shop skills alone to bag a cheap game or console. Black Friday deals can happen anywhere, and indeed pretty much anywhen.

But stop panicking and just relax for once – Pocket Gamer has your back with this compendium of the best portable gaming deals.

This is going to be a growing, dynamic list containing every deal we come across over the next few days, and we invite you to contribute to it in the comments section below. That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

Hardware (Apple iOS)

  • iPad Air 2 16-128Gb (6-8% off) - from £367.07 (KRCS)
  • iPad mini 2 - £189.99 (eBay)
  • iPad Air 16Gb - £249, £70 off (Argos)
  • iPad mini 4 16gb - £349 (Currys)
  • iPhone 6 128Gb - £549 (from £699 Very)
  • Apple Watch - £56 off (KRCS)

Hardware (Nintendo)

  • White or pink Nintendo 3DS Console - £69.99 (Argos)
  • Blue and Black 3DS XL with Pokemon X - £99.99 (Tesco)

Hardware (Android)

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - £219 (Currys)
  • Lenovo A8 8 Inch 16GB Tablet White Or Blue - £49.99 (Argos, via
  • 64 GB Amazon Fire HDX 8.9" HDX display tablet with wi-fi and 4G - £299.99 (Amazon)
  • 8 GB Amazon Fire, 7" with wifi - £34.99 (Amazon)
  • 8 GB Amazon Fire Kids Edition, 7" with wi-fi, blue kid-proof case (Amazon)

Recommended iOS Games (hottest in bold)


Google Play is having a massive Cyber Weekend sale, which you can view here. Some recommendations:

Stay tuned, and keep the suggestions coming in the comments!