Close your eyes and picture a Korean mobile game.


You probably imagined the same thing I did as I headed to Korea for the latest G-Star conference: an infinite cascade of incomprehensible, untranslated RPGs, many of them featuring large breasted young women with pink hair.

Well you're wrong. Mostly. While there were a few games answering that description at the assorted megastands of the consumer area and the supplicating booths of the business area, where developers loiter hopefully for publishers and investors, there was also a huge amount of variety – in terms of quality as well as gameplay.

I am only one man, largely illiterate in Korea, so what follows is a confused and glancing overview of the games I saw, though I will stop to linger on the more interesting ones.

There were two main areas at the show: B2B (business to business, a relatively quiet area where developers try to find publishers and investors and other besuited entities) and B2C (business to consumer, where game companies show off their wares to approximately 14 million teenagers).

For simplicity, I'm going to split this feature up into four sections: B2B, B2C, the BIC indie games showcase, and VR.

Read about the games I saw in the B2C area
Read about the games I saw in the BIC indie games showcase area
Read about the games I saw in the B2B area (coming soon!)
Read about the VR games I saw