Before we start, we recommend that you do not use this walkthrough. The game isn't that hard, and it's much more fun if you figure things out yourself.

So before you read on, have another go. Listen carefully. Read the instructions a few more times. Ask a friend. And only then should you scroll down and get the solution.

You'll kick yourself when you do.

This guide covers puzzles 51 through 100. For 1 through 50, click here.

51 - Cat

Rub a finger from left to right, slowly on the screen. And repeat. Don't do it too fast or the cat will get angry

52 - Walk on ceiling

Hold the iPad up in the air and face down, and then do a walking motion on it with two fingers

53 - From a to b through c

Drag your finger from "a" to "c" to "b"

54 - I see blue

Hold something blue up to the camera. You can see what colour the game is picking up by the colour of the word "blue". Keep the blue item there until the progress bar fills up

55 - Close the gap

Hold one finger on "close" and another on "the", and then drag them together. Hold until the progress bar fills

56 - Strike through this text

Swipe a finger across the top line of text. Do the same to the bottom line.

57 - Slow dance

Hold the iPad up and then slowly bounce from your left foot to your right and back again.

58 - Tickle me

Just tap lots of times on the screen using lots of fingers

59 - Hopscotch 1 2

Tap 1, then 2

60 - 3 4 5 6 7 8

Tap 3, then 4, then 5 and 6 at the same time, then 7, then 8

61 - 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

On iPad, tap 9, then 10, then 11, 12, and 13 at the same time, then 14, then 15

On iPhone, tap 9, then 10 and 11 at the same time. then 12, then 13 and 14 at the same time. Then 15.

62 - Draw something

Just doodle around with your finger

63 - Flip

Put your device face down, in a fast motion

64 - Black then white

Tap the black background. Then the white progress bar. Then the background. And repeat.

65 - Listen and do

Follow the instructions you hear read out

66 - At the cinema

Turn the volume down on your device

67 - Listen to signal

Tap S, then O, then S

68 - Free fall

Hold your device, then - while holding it! - drop it down to the ground. Don't let go, or this will be the most expensive app you ever bought.

69 - Curling

Swipe your finger up and down on the screen

70 - Do something else

Quit the app. When you come back, it will be completed

71 - To a through c from b

Drag your finger from "b" to "c" to "a"

72 - 360 flip

Turn your iPad to face away from you. Then keep spinning until it's back to the first position

73 - Black and white

Hold one finger on the white progress bar and another on the black background. Keep them held until the bar fills completely.

74 - Cross the line

Swipe your finger from the white section to the black. Keep doing this until the progress bar fills completely.

75 - Horse on ceiling

Hold your device up to the sky and then shake it up and down

76 - Draw the line

Draw a line from the bottom of the screen to the top, at the very right side of the screen

77 - All but one of the words

Hold your fingers on all the words except for the word "one"

78 - Beat it

Tap the screen to the beat of the drum in the background

79 - Hold patience

Hold a finger on the word "patience" for ages.

80 - Hot potato

Do the same as "on a horse"

81 - 10000

Tap the screen 10,000 times. As ever, use lots of fingers to speed up the process

82 - Mind the gap

Hold your finger on the big gap between "mind" and "the" until the white progress bar gets to that spot. Then let your finger off the screen. Put it back when the bar passes onto the word "the".

83 - Graffiti (iPad)

Shake your iPad up and down, then hold the screen. Keep repeating this action until the progress bar is complete.

83 - Call me (iPhone)

Literally receive a phone call while in the game. Get a friend to call you.

84 - Stay on line

Hold your finger on the edge of the progress bar. Move your finger as the bar moves (even when it goes back the wrong way!) until it reaches the edge of the screen

85 - Downhill skiing

Tilt the device down like a ski slope, then drag your finger from the left side of the screen to the right

86 - Against the wall

Literally hold your device up and against the wall. It uses the gyro and the camera to know.

87 - Stay offline

Turn off any internet settings on your device. To do this, open the control centre (swipe up from the bottom of the screen) and either switch on airplane mode, or turn off wi-fi.

88 - Stand on it

Don't stand on your device! Just hold a finger on the word "it".

89 - Plug in

Plug your iPad or iPhone in to a power socket. Easy!

90 - Pull the plug

Now remove the cable.

91 - 91

Use multiple fingers to clear the screen

92 - 92

Follow the instructions on screen

93 - 93

Move your finger around slowly until the screen goes completely white.

94 - 94

Scrub your finger across the screen to erase the darker image

95 - 95


Hold your finger on the square. Then move it around to go along a little maze until you find the exit. The correct solution can be seen above (keep going along this path to finish).

96 - 96

Tap the squares for a while. Then don't tap the squares and just wait until the screen goes completely white.

97 - 97

Tap and hold three fingers on the three cross shapes. Then follow the movements with your fingers until the progress bar fills.

98 - 98

Same deal as 93, but this time you tilt the device

99 - 99

Use four fingers to make four Pong paddles that cover the entirety of the left side of the screen. Now wait

100 - 100

Use a QR code reader to scan in the code and finish the game!

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