Given the popularity of Neko Atsume you've probably been playing it with the original Japanese text for a year or more already.

But get this: developer Hit-Point Co. has rolled out an update that finally lets you play it in English.

All the items, the shop menu, the cat's names - everything is available in English now. So you no longer need to consult guides just to be able to play it.

If you've never heard of Neko Atsume before then, well, you're in for a treat.

It's a casual game in which you, quite simply, collect cats.

You buy playthings and snacks for them, place them in your little house, and when you check up later on you'll probably have a new cat to watch as it plays.

It's kinda like fishing, except less violent and a lot more cute. All you have to do is bait cats to your house and enjoy their company.

At the current moment in time, the update with the English localisation is only available on Android. But it should be on iOS soon as well.

You can download Neko Atsume for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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