This is probably the most ridiculous thing you'll see today.

A hacker (going by the name "Hacker Jules") has managed to get an N64 emulator running on Android Wear.

As they demonstrate in the video below, this enables them to play games including Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on a smartwatch.


Good question. It doesn't look easy. In the video the N64 games are played on the tiny touchscreen of an LG G Watch W100. Just look at this:

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The touchscreen controls give them full control of Mario and Link but, good god, I don't think I could play the whole game like that.

The virtual buttons are absolutely tiny. And when using them, your finger covers at least a quarter of the screen.

But that's not all. The same hacker has also managed to get PSP games running on Android Wear as well.

In the video below you'll see Monster Hunter Freedom Unite running through PPSSPP on the same LG watch. Madness.

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