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Aww. At last, Nitrome's beautiful action-puzzler Beneath the Lighthouse is out for iOS and Android.

You want it. Trust us - we just gave it a Gold Award.

What? You need to know more than that before checking it out? Ugh, fine.

It has you playing as a boy who moves through the dangerous mechanisms underneath a lighthouse to find his grandpa.

This involves moving circular levels around to roll and bounce the kid around. Sometimes you'll need to move blocks or avoid blades in the process.

Our reviewer called it a "brilliant game that's full to bursting with bright ideas and new ways to play." Is that enough now?

OK, good. You can download Beneath the Lighthouse for free and deal with ads and a lives system. Or you can pay for a £2.99 / $3.99 IAP to remove all that.

Go grab it right now on the App Store and Google Play.