After saying that an Android version might be "possible" earlier this year, developer Tundra Games has now surprised us all by launching Rapture - World Conquest on Google Play.

This is a quickfire strategy game that essentially squashes Civilization into a five minute match. We first gave it a hands-on look last year when it came to iOS.
(Speaking of which, Tundra has just launched a premium version of the game on the App Store to go alongside the free to play version.)

The idea is to help your followers take over the world so that they may escape the coming apocalypse.

As you're a god, this involves instructing them to invade other populations to take over their territories. Godly powers also let you send in hurricanes and earthquakes to help out.

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You play against the AI or you can challenge up to three friends to a battle online or over local Wi-fi.

If you fancy a go, Rapture - World Conquest is free to download over on Google Play. There are IAPs to remove ads and buy coin packs.

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