State of Play has announced that its BAFTA-winning adventure-puzzle game Lumino City makes the leap from PC to iOS next week. On October 29th, to be precise.

The game has been optimised for touch controls with tap and multi-touch being used. It also has larger text that dynamically adapts to your device's screen.

We're also told that you can share screenshots and videos using the new ReplayKit. Pretty sweet.

You'll probably want to share screenshots of Lumino City as, above everything else, it's a beautiful-looking game.

Its miniature world was hand-crafted out of paper, card, miniature lights, and motors. There are towers, ferris wheels, and cameras turned into cute houses to explore.

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Having created the world physically rather than with computer graphics gives Lumino City a tactile look. And this is partly why having touch controls makes sense for it.

The story has you playing as Lumi as she ventures into the titular city to rescue her kidnapped granddad. You have work out how the mechanisms of the city work and interact to proceed.

State of Play reckons it'll take about eight to 10 hours to complete Lumino City. Which, along with its visuals, should make it well worth the £3.99 / $4.99 asking price.