Lab Like has quietly launched Magic Flute for Android today.

You may have seen us writing about it last month when it popped up on iOS. It's a novel and quite pretty little puzzler that is based on a stage opera.

The idea is to help prince Tamino to safely navigate the traps and monsters across each stage by building a path for him to walk across.

In some cases, the hazards in the way might be an earthquake, while one of the more visually impressive obstacles is a flying serpent.

All of the props and stage design in Magic Flute are based on designs by renowned Tokyo stage director Amon Miyamoto.

He's known for bringing a vibrant and energetic flair to Mozart's "Magic Flute" opera.

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Anyway, you can purchase Magic Flute for half its full price at £1.49 / $1.99 on Google Play until November 20th.

Or you can download the lite version for free, also on Google Play.