YouTube Gaming has opened up its livestreaming services to include Android games.

As is explained in the announcement, you don't need any special equipment - hardware or software - to do this.

You only need the YouTube Gaming app to use its new Mobile Capture feature. Oh, and a phone with an internet connection, obviously.

"Just tap Go Live (or your avatar on a phone) in the YouTube Gaming app, turn on your selfie cam and record your commentary with your phone's microphone," goes the explanation.

YouTube Gaming will also be adding Fan Funding and Sponsorships to everyone soon - it's currently in beta.

YouTube Gaming

These let you support your favourite streamers with a monthly payment. In return, you get perks such as a live chat badge chosen by the creator and access to exclusive chat sessions.

You can download YouTube Gaming on the App Store and Google Play.

Just to note again: the streaming services for mobile only apply to Android games (Google does own YouTube and Android after all).