Most racing games have us tearing around corners as if a rocket was plunged deep into our arse. It's all nitro boosts and drifting.

Not EcoDriver. This is a racing game that challenges you to drive economically.

That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go slow. You just need to be smooth and efficient.

The best ways to ensure this is to shift gears early, let the car roll where it can, and to keep the revs-per-minute as low as possible.

You have an endless randomly-generated environment to get through with various challenging obstacles along the way.

Of course, the idea is that by playing the game you begin to think about how to drive more efficiently in your real car.

It's beneficial to your bank balance and the environment after all.

If you want to put it into practice then download EcoDriver for free on the App Store. An Android version is on the way.

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