Badland has been updated once again and this time it's with something new and swanky.

It's 3D touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

What this means is that you can stop all that tapping at long last.

Instead, with 3D touch you continuously hold your finger on the screen, applying different amounts of pressure. This controls how quickly the creatures move up and down.

There's also a also a 3D touch home screen menu that can be accessed by touching the icon.

Level editor

Developer Frogmind has also let us know that over 15,000 levels have been created by Badland players since the level editor arrived last month.

That's loads. And it has resulted in a lot of feedback from you lot. Which is why this latest update also addresses it with some tweaks to the level editor.

Oh, and finally, Frogmind has opened up a spot for featuring the best Halloween-themed levels. In other words, make some spooky levels and it could appear there.

You can purchase Badland for £2.99 / $3.99 on the App Store or download it for free on Google Play.

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