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Rovio has released a new gem-matching puzzler starring Shakira, who according to the iTunes blurb is some sort of singer? I've never heard of her, but I'm sure she's very talented.

When it comes to popular musicians, my knowledge extends about as far as a very, very small stick. But I do know a little bit about mobile games, so I'm sort of half qualified to write this news piece.

The game is called Love Rocks starring Shakira, which is a play on words that works on about one and a half levels.

It's a match-stuff puzzler and the gems you're popping all have their own symbolism and power, apparently. That sounds like a lot of stuff and nonsense to me, but I'm not one to judge.

Anyway, the game's out now, it's free, and I have literally run out of things to say about it. You can watch a hilarious trailer back at the top of this article.