Daryl Dixon is the kinda guy you'd want around during a zombie apocalypse. Tough, fair, and an expert in hunting and tracking.

Good job he's the one teaching you how to survive in the newly released The Walking Dead: No Man's Land, then.

It's just come out of soft-launch and is now be available to download for free on iOS.

This is a turn-based action-RPG in which you have to build up a team of survivors and, well, survive. You train, upgrade weapons, hunt for supplies, and choose who lives and dies.

It's a tie-in with the AMC show so if you're a fan of that you may well be a fan of this game. Other than Daryl, you'll see familiar sights such as Terminus and the Prison to satisfy your fandom.

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land is available to download free on the App Store right now.

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