September has faded into the mists of time like a Silent Hill reference on Facebook. It's October now, time to dig out your long-johns and your winter coat.

And quite frankly I'm glad to see the back of September. It has been the opposite of a vintage month for iOS games. There have been some good ones, but the average has averaged out at average.

I mean it wasn't terrible. There are some games here I'll probably play again. But finding them involved quite a lot of searching. And I'm not down with that.

Anyway, enough complaining, let's look at the list, remember the good times, and then knuckle down and make the rest of the year better. Deal? Deal.

Shooty Skies
By Mighty Games - download on iPhone and iPad

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It's like Crossy Road but instead of aping Frogger it's aping Galaga. Or one of the other classic shmups from back in the old days.

And you know what? It does it bloody brilliantly. It's not just a casual shooter, it's a wonderful shooter that happens to be acccessible.

Plus it has the best explosions this side of an explosion factory. Which I presume are real things.

By Laser Dog - buy on iPhone and iPad

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A super sharp distillation of the hardcore platformer. Tap and swipe to jump through a series of hair-pullingly tough, bite-sized levels.

But it's more than just a challenge. It's a gorgeous looking, incredibly well designed bounce-about with more charm than most of the rest of the App Store put together.

This is bright and dangerous mobile gaming at its very best. Well worth a download.

Blackwell 4 Deception
By Wadjet Eye Games - download on iPhone and iPad

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A point-and-tap adventure that takes the series in some pretty new and exciting directions. It's self contained as well, so if you're coming fresh to the spooky adventures you won't be lost.

There are some smart puzzles, some brilliant writing, and a style that harks back to the glory days of the adventure game.

It might not drag you into the genre if you're not a fan, but there's a lot here to like even if you've only got a passing interest in interacting with things.

Call of Champions
By Spacetime Studios - download on iPhone and iPad

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Wait, Harry, this is a MOBA on mobile. Have you gone mad? They're all a bit meh. WRONG. Because this one is really good.

It distills the MOBA experience into five minute blasts, making it the most mobile friendly MOBA I've ever played.

Plus it has some really smart ideas involving balls. And you can play 3v3 matches online from the get-go.

By Rovio - download on iPad and iPhone

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What's a Nibbler? I have no idea, I haven't actually played this one, but Rob Hearn seemed to like it and he's pretty damn smart.

Essentially it's a riff on the Candy Crush Saga template, but with a few extra notes thrown in to make it all the bouncier.

Inevitably it's painfully addictive. It's a match-three puzzler, but it's a match-three puzzler done with panache and swagger. Panagger.

Dungeon of the Endless
By Amplitude Studios - buy on iPad
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If I'd have made this game I'd have called it Space Dungeons of the Endless. This is probably why I'm not allowed to make games.

It's a brilliant mix of tower defence and roguelike, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and you can easily lose hours of your life to it.

And you should do that, because it's really, really, really good.

By Madfinger Games - download on iPad and iPhone

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Zombies. Oh no there are zombies. Quick shoot them in their brains and then get points and feel good about yourself.

That's pretty much Unkilled in three slightly gibbery sentences. It's a lovely looking shooty shooty munch munch FPS from the people behind Dead Trigger.

It's not much a departure from the foundations of that series, but if you like shooting dead things then you'll have a blast.

Mucho Taco
By Noodlecake Studios - download on iPad and iPhone

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It's essentially a clicker. But instead of clicking you're swiping. And you're swiping to roll up delicious digital tacos. Don't eat them though.

This is the sort of game you'll lose hours in without even noticing. And then you'll look down and your fingers will be raw and blood will be smeared all over your screen.

If you think that's a good thing then you should definitely give it a go. And maybe seek professional help.

Raceline CC
By Rebellion Games - buy on iPad and iPhone

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Vroom vroom wheelies. It's like CSR but with motorbikes. And instead of changing gears you're swiping between lanes.

It looks lovely, and while there's not a whole lot going on here, there's enough action that you won't notice the minutes flying by.

And they will fly by. Like the cars and trucks you're slipstreaming for extra speed. It's fun, and there's a beat here that's well worth dancing to.

By EA - download on iPad and iPhone

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Ball ball ball, footy footy footy. It's the yearly iteration of EA's kick around. And it was meant to be called FIFA Mobile, but then it wasn't.

It mixes the best control schemes from the past few years of FIFA games, and uses the engine from the PS3 and XBOX 360 version of this season's entry to the series.

And it's good. So long as you don't mind playing Ultimate Team. If you do mind doing that, then you're basically screwed. Sorry.

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