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Flux Capacitors are fluxing ahead of Back to the Future's 30th anniversary, and Halfbrick is joining in the celebration with a themed update for Jetpack Joyride. But where you're going... you won't need jetpacks.

Instead you take control of the DeLorean or a hoverboard as you tear through an all-new game mode set against the familiar backdrop of 2015 Hill Valley.

Marty McFly, Biff Tannen, and - Great Scott! - Doc Brown will all be playable on your hunt to collect as many Flux Capacitors as you can before time expires.

Although presumably you can go back in time and just fix any mistakes you make, right?

Also included are new leaderboards and suitably fantastic theme music.

If my calculations are correct, all this will be available for free throughout October, and you can pony up $9.99 / £6.59 to keep it forever.

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