Curve Digital is bringing point-and-click adventure Murder to iOS, Android, and PC on October 21st.

This is the next game led by Irish creator Peter Moorhead who previously released Stranded on PC. Like that game, Murder is said to be a "minimal" take on the adventure game.

According to Curve, it's "heavy in environmental storytelling and confident, cinematic flair." Which pretty much sums its style up.

It's a short story that should last under an hour. It takes you on a journey through cyberpunk Tokyo following a lieutenant in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

It centers on an "unusual and dangerous case" that will have us exploring the intersection of morality and sentience (you can probably expect robots and androids) in a future "where both have become commodities."

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Most outstanding about the game is its vivid world. The neon signs, drizzling rain, and dark city streets are realised in moody pixel art.

It'll also have full voice-acting so that each character you meet has a full personality you can get to know, if only briefly.

Find out more about Murder on its website. And make damn sure you watch that trailer above.