Having done a number on iOS already, tough arcade puzzler Red Game Without a Great Name is now flapping its way to PS Vita.

We don't have an expected release date for the PS Vita version yet, we only known that it's on its way. So that'll have to do.

What I can tell you is what this game is all about. It sees you controlling a mechanical bird that has to deliver post across a steampunk world. And yes, it's doused in red (and black).

There are buzzsaws, lasers, crushers - you know, the usual death traps you get in hardcore games like this (Super Meat Boy, anyone?).

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But this bird can teleport. You'll have to use this ability at the right time and place to avoid certain death. Still, you can probably expect to die a lot in this game.

Red Game Without a Great Name has gone down well on iOS so hopefully this upcoming PS Vita version does it justice.