Man or Goat is a mobile game that answers that most ancient of questions - is that noise being made by a man or a goat?

And that's about it. It doesn't sound like the basis for an epic adventure, and it isn't. It's the basis for one of the few games at EGX this year that actually made me laugh out loud. To the point where I nearly fell off my tiny stool.

Each noise is accompanied by a cartoon drawing of a deranged goat. And I do mean deranged. These are freakish goat-based abominations, all drool and bulging eyes. Goats from hell, but the funny bit of hell. Where all the naughty comedians go.

I expect the wonder will wear off after a few rounds, and Man or Goat fits into that odd category of games that are designed to be played on YouTube.

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You're going to be laughing at other people laughing. And at the goat noises. And at the man noises. All of the noises are great to be honest.

Funny noises are much better than people shooting each other, or stabbing each other, which is what most of the other games here are about.

I wonder what time my train is. I wonder if there will be any goats on my train. Or men. There'll probably be men. But will they make goat noises? What am I talking about?

Man or Goat is silly, really really unashamedly silly. I'd probably go and play it again, but I'm quite busy. So there you go.