Noodlecake has given us our first look at HyperBeard's upcoming game The Balloons with a new trailer.

The previous teaser had us questioning why on Earth there are spikes that are afraid of balloons. Well, it turns out that they're not, really.

As you'll see in the trailer, The Balloons is an "endless floater" (keep your poop jokes to yourself) in which you steer balloons up through a spike-filled gauntlet.

It's not just pesky spikes, either. There are machines that shoot darts and ninja stars being flung around with those terribly pointy ends. This is no place for a balloon to be hanging about.

It seems that The Balloons has some pretty great pixel art. Gives it plenty of character, don't you think? Well, there are also 22 unlockable characters in the game too.

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It also has eight secret level sins, a slot lottery system, and special bonus rounds. Looks like Noodlecake and HyperBeard is trying to pack as much into The Balloons as possible. We can't complain.

The Balloons should be out for on October 1st. We don't know if that's iOS and Android but we're hoping so.