State of Play has released an iOS trailer for its beautiful, hand-crafted adventure Lumino City.

Earlier in the year the studio announced that it was aiming to get the game out on iOS for September. Wait a sec - that's this month.

But, ah, we asked them if that's still the plan today and, nope, it will be another six to eight weeks yet. So just hang on a little longer. It'll be worth it, hopefully.

The Android version should come some time after the iOS version too, yes.

For now, just watch that trailer below and gawp. See how much effort has gone into creating each scene in this game. Ridiculous. Wonderful.

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Oh, and if you don't know, this is the sequel to the Bronze Award-winning Lume. But it's much bigger and hopefully a lot better too.

Well, put it this way, I've played the PC version and I think it's pretty darn great. No, it's magical, that's what it is.

Providing the iOS version has decent controls it shouldn't slip from that.