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Cavernaut is not out on iOS. Haven't heard of it? Then you need to pay attention. We covered this back in June, geez.

And you'll need to pay attention if you plan on playing Cavernaut at all. I'll tell you why...

Imagine Lunar Lander set in a maze-like system of tight cave spaces. Yeah, good luck navigating that and not grinding against every rock you see.

This a game that requires precise and careful control. The idea is to get out from the bottom of a remote mine on an alien planet.

You'll need to stop off at fuel stations to, yep, refuel. Plus, there will be deadly mining lasers, floating bombs, and doors that will crush your little ship.
But don't worry, there are upgrades for your ship to buy with the treasures you find. But, haha, they won't be easy to grab as they're usually hidden behind some nasty trap.

Bring some patience if you plan on picking this up. Oh, and you can do that right now as Cavernaut is available for 79p / 99c on the App Store. No IAPs in sight, too. Lovely.