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AZZL is an innovative blend of game and cartoon that challenges you to complete a series of fully-animated puzzles.

And we can guarantee that you'll never have seen puzzles like this before. You'll have to tap, swipe, move, and rotate animated puzzle pieces like squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles, and more to complete the image.

There's a set of worlds to explore and each one comes with its own set of loveable characters that will have you in stitches. If you manage to complete all levels you'll unlock an even more awesome secret world as well.

It's an incredibly good looking world too, full of beautiful artwork and animated visuals that would give Pixar a run for its money.

With nearly 100 hilarious cartoon stories to complete and a ton of little secrets to discover on the way, AZZL is absolutely full of hilarious content to complete and discover.

And the best part is, there are absolutely no IAPs whatsoever. AZZL is a premium product at a premium price.

So head on over to the App Store [download] to check out AZZL right now.