AGRAV seems to be a chill and unique game. The idea is to guide a spaceship through space by using the gravitational pull of black holes.

You simply touch the screen and a black hole will appear. But the level design makes this a heck of a lot harder than that.

AGRAV's 90 bite-sized levels are mini gauntlets. You need to avoid spiky objects and walls, loosely steering the ship through narrow canals, and past suns.

You need to be extra careful as to where you place the black holes in some levels as they will suck up the hazards you're trying to avoid, along with the ship.

And another recurring challenge are walls that the ship bounces off. You need to get it to hit the wall at the right angle to succeed.

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But while AGRAV may be tough it also has relaxing electronic music twinkling away in the background. It should help to calm your frustrations.

The game will be out for iOS next Wednesday, September 23rd. The first 30 levels are free while the other 60 will cost your £1.49 / $1.99.