Capcom has released a couple of new trailers for its cute 3DS spin-off game Monster Hunter Stories for Tokyo Game Show.

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The first, as you can watch above, shows us more of the Monster Rider we'll be playing as.

Instead of a Hunter, as in the main Monster Hunter series, Monster Riders are able to bond with the monsters enough to, you guessed it, ride them.

Also on show is the main village we'll be hanging around and the people we'll be adventuring with. Plus, did you see it? Flying monsters, too. Hell yes.

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This second trailer tells us more about the game's story and, thanks to Siliconera's translation, we can tell you about it.

We find out that the Monster Rider starts off at the Rider Village. This is where they have to pass a trial to be become a Rider.

Once successful, they get a Bond Stone, which can be used to bond with monsters. And from there they set out to explore the wider world with a Felyne friend called Nabiru.

But not everything is well in the world as a shadow begins to rise upover it.

Monster Hunter Stories will be out on 3DS in Japan in 2016. A western version hasn't been confirmed still.