Do you like guns? Do you like swords? Do you like punching people in the face until they bleed?

If you answered yes to all of those then, first of all, you're under arrest, you bloody animal.
But you may also enjoy watching the first gameplay teaser for Eisenhorn: Xenos. You can find it below.

This is the Warhammer spin-off, based on the trilogy of books with the same name, and it's all about guns and punching. Sometimes both at the same time.

That guy you see is Inquisitor Eisenhorn and his victims are daemons. They're racing to recover an ancient tome called the Neurotech as it possess abominable power.

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But you don't have to exsanguinate everyone you see in the game. You can also take a stealthy approach if you wish. Other than sneaking, you can use mind powers to convince enemies you're invisible.

Staying true to the book, Eisenhorn will be joined by companions along the way, too. They'll help you out in battles and outside of them on those rare occasions that Eisenhorn lets the blood dry on his knuckles.

We went hands on with Eisenhorn: Xenos earlier this year so check that out if you want to find out more about it.

Back then we were told the game would be out this month. Now that seems less likely given that it's still being teased halfway through the month.

Still, you never know, it might turn up. The trailer says Eisenhorn: Xenos will be out soon for iOS, Android, and PC.