Rambo – The Mobile Game is a little bit like PikPok's excellent Into the Dead, in that it sees you running inexorably forward in first-person, dodging or killing enemies.

Except it's not slick and stylish like Into the Dead. This is a blunt, lazy film licence of the old school, inexplicably attempting to ride the long-extinct promotional wave of a film that came out in 1982.

There's a little bit of variety in the form of weapon pick-ups and mission types, but mostly you're just running forwards, deciding whether you can be bothered to kill the hapless policemen and soldiers who get in your way or whether you'd rather just run around them. It's like playing rugby with the very elderly.

Rambo – The Mobile Game is reasonably polished and more or less playable, but it's also incoherent and dull. And at £2.99, it costs more than the majority of iOS games, utterly destroying what little appeal it might otherwise have held.

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