Video games can ask some important questions. "What is the nature of war?", "How do we deal with interactions with strangers?" And now, "What if I was a slice of bread and I could move and I wanted to be toast?"

I Am Bread is another game that feels like it's been designed for YouTube let's plays. The controls are deliberately obtuse, there are funny achievements, and the world is littered with puns about bread and baked goods.

And if you're looking for a game that'll raise a few giggles, then it's perfectly fine. It sits in that Goat Simulator and Surgeon Simulator bracket nicely, essentially forcing you to be useless at something.

There's a weird story going on underneath your yeasty flips and doughy flops, but you're a better man than me if you're paying attention to it.

I Am Bread is a ridiculous "slice" of mobile gaming, and while it doesn't really work, it's not really supposed to.

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