I don't know when the NFL regular season opens. Cherrypick Games says it's around about now, so that'll do. Let's roll with that.

Oh, what a ripe time to release the sequel to American football endless runner Touchdown Hero, huh? It's like you planned it Cherrypick Games. Aren't you good?

Yep, Touchdown Hero: New Season is what it's called. It came out for iOS yesterday. Apparently, much has been improved since the first game.

It has team customisation so can get the players looking how you want. Skin colour, uniforms, and all.

There's new "Slow-Motion" and "Skill Move" systems. You can guess as to what they do, surely?

And the interface and "handling" has been improved. What's handling? Good question.

It includes a left and right-handed mode, plus the ability to adjust the distance between your finger and the character for easier control.

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Oh, and lastly, more languages are supported, including French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Got all that? Great. Now you just need to download Touchdown Hero: New Season for free on the App Store.

We presume it's also coming to Android as the first game did at some point. Keep a snipey eye out for it.