Mucho Taco isn't a clicker, but it certainly fits into the same bracket. Rather than mashing the screen over and over, here you're swiping it to roll up Mexican snacks.

The more you swipe, the more tacos you create. The more tacos you create, the more money you earn. Money you can spend on purchasing new taco stands across the city.

These automatically create more food for you, earning you even more cash. You can buy new ingredients, and boosts that speed up your taco production for short bursts of time.

And that's about it. Although that probably does the game a disservice. It has a tight compulsion loop that turned my first short play into an hour of near-mindless swiping.

It's a fresh take on a sometimes stale genre, and while it doesn't add anything super fresh, it's still a warm, welcoming, and addictive little arcade experience.

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