Each week, we ask members of our App Army for their feedback on the latest and greatest releases on mobile.

One top pick this week was Bossa Studios's yeasty caper I Am Bread.

Let's see what our App Army had to say...

The controls are pretty tough so far.

Quite the understatement!

This game is sooooo stupid, and I'm totally loving it!

I take back what I said earlier, the controls are actually really smooth. I love this game too!

The one thing that I would be happy to see is MFi support. I mean, the PC version supports Xbox controllers after all...

I do enjoy my main character being a piece of bread. Adds a new twist to my preferred game genres. The controls are suitable to the game but can be a little tricky at times.

I feel bad for the poor old man. Essentially your role in this game is to torment a senior citizen as a slice of bread.

Anyway... let's get back to getting this geezer to use his home insurance!

I always was terrible at Jenga...

Wow, the controls are even more difficult than they are in the PC version of the game!

I'm getting some lag with my iPad Air 2 too. Anyone else?

That's strange... I'm on an iPad Mini 2 and so far I have no lag.

I Am Bread is just annoying for me. The controls are terrible, and it takes ages to make your way around a level.

Level 2 doesn't tell you how to get toasted, so you have to explore the entire level, which takes ages thanks to the the awful controls. Ugh.

Practice makes perfect! On Level 2, you need to give the heater by the window a go. I beat it in just a couple of minutes.

Yeah, that level's pretty easy, but the controls do suck.

Check out these crazy puns I found in the game!

I thought it was the heater, but I wasn't expecting a puzzler. I know it's not much of a puzzler, but still.

It's all good. The game is designed to be difficult to control. It's from the same guys who made Surgeon Simulator after all.

You're a slice of bread. You don't have feet, arms, or hands to move around with. The only real method of travelling is making use of the bread slice's ability to stick to surfaces.

Imagine if humans had to move in the same way... of course it would be hard to move about. Much like Surgeon Simulator, the awkward controls are an integral part of the game.

In Surgeon Simulator you were a surgeon with one arm and hand trying to perform surgery as well as possible.

In this one you're a slice of bread trying your best to get to a source that can toast you. That could be something as commonplace as an actual toaster, to something as strange as a heater or clothing iron.

I can only imagine the heat sources get weirder. Did I mention you have to try and toast both sides at 100%? Good luck with that one!

This is one game that I would really prefer to control via MFi support. Surgeon Simulator was great on mobile, but it's still early days for I Am Bread, so there's hope for support yet.

I've found the pun motherload!

Personally I'm finding the touch controls just fine Tyler.

I'm on an iPod so it's a tad more difficult for me.

The concept of this game is hilarious, and I like that aspect of it. However, for me the controls are just too fiddly to get any enjoyment out of it.

I'm also finding the controls a bit too much for me. Practically rage-inducing. On top of that, the levels are just too challenging.

I often find myself spending too long learning how to use the controls, using up tons of time in the process, resulting in an awful score.

Although I Am Bread has interesting level design and fantastic graphics, the controls and difficulty level make the game too hard to enjoy.

I've just bought Surgeon Simulator because I've had so much fun with this game. What a laugh!

The game's controls are a bit too much to handle for me too. The game's pretty funny, but I can see the humour running dry from frustration.

I really like I Am Bread. It shows a lot of promise and, believe it or not, I actually like the controls.

They could be smoothed out a little, but at the core they're decent touch controls. Pretty funny storyline as well. I would definitely buy this if you're into off the wall games.

I've really enjoyed I Am Bread. Sure, the controls can be a tad frustrating at times, although I've seen many YouTubers upset with the PC version's controls too.

Make no mistake, with Bossa Studios at the wheel I never expected the controls were going to be easy.

Somehow, the rage that I feel playing this just makes me want to play more. I don't get mad about it, I don't scream about it... I just step back and think about what I did wrong, then go back again later.

This is a great game for anyone who's after a tough challenge, or perhaps wanting to displace their stress over to a piece of bread.

I Am Bored. Sorry troops, I gave this the old college try, but for all its innovation it's a big "meh" in my opinion.

The controls, while annoying, can be mastered after a lot of patience and timing. However, the overall mechanics of the game just had me wondering "Why am I still playing this game?"

It wasn't any fun for me at all from the offset, and after a couple of levels it just got plain boring.

Early on I was screaming at my iPad because of the controls, but once I got them under control and was ready for a wonderful carb-filled experience, it never got any better. Fun as cold toast.

Yes, there are clever little puns sprinkled around the game, but that's not enough to hold my attention for more than a few seconds. I never found the laughs I was expecting from controlling a piece of bread.

A stale experience overall.

Have you ever woke up and thought: "Wouldn't it be great to be a slice of bread?"

Me neither, but I still really liked playing this game. The crazy gameplay, the bread-taking moments, and the ridiculous soundtrack keep making you want to come back.

Although it's a PC port, it controls just fine on mobile, and it's great to play in short bursts.

You don't earn any rewards for receiving a high grade on levels, so I wasn't really driven to get high scores, which meant that I lost interest after a few hours.

I Am Bread might be the most ridiculous game of the year, and that's good enough for me.

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