There's something eminently playable and eminently familiar about Unkilled.

It's Madfinger at its free to play zombie blasting best, but you can't help but think that this is just another game in the super successful Dead Trigger series.

You're wandering around small maps, upgrading your guns, killing everything that moves, and blasting through raids and other side missions to earn extra goodies.

And it's a lot of fun. Big, silly, violent fun, with crawling walkers and giant mine-infused brutes to blast to kingdom come. It's welcoming too, with a control system that works nicely on touchscreens.

But it's more of the same. A lot more of the same, granted, and a lot of fun too. But if you're looking for the zombie shooter reinvented, you're not going to find it here.

Use your unskills to unkill

The game is set during a zombie outbreak in New York. You're part of a crack team of gun-men sent out to shoot the zombies until they turn into puffs of glittery gold smoke.

The default control scheme is remarkably simple. Drag a thumb around the left of the screen to move, and one around the right of the screen to aim whatever weapon of mid-level destruction you've got equipped.

Whenever your crosshair finds itself resting on some rotting flesh you'll start firing automatically. It takes away the fiddliness inherent in stuffing a screen full of buttons, and lets you concentrate on keeping moving.

It means the actions flows brilliantly, and even when you're desperately trying to find a way out of the throng of undead monsters that have surrounded you, you're still shooting or hacking them in the face.

Shoot that and that and that and yay win

There's some grind here, as you'd expect from a free to play game, and an energy system that means sometimes you need to put the game down or fork out some cash to keep going.

But it's not particularly intrusive, and you can usually get a solid play session before the pay wall collapses on top of you.

Unkilled might have a stupid name, and it might not push out the zombie-slaughtering boat much farther than Madfinger's previous games.

But if you're looking for a quick fire way to let off some steam, or mash a porky flesh eater in the face with a tomahawk, then it's well worth a look.

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