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Hitman GO, the mobile board game iteration of the classic murdering franchise, is on sale right now for a mere 79p / 99c on iOS and Android right now.

It's best described as an incredibly violent game of chess. You have to swipe around the board and complete certain objectives while taking care to avoid guards. You could always murder them, of course.

The reason for the sale is the launch of its successor, Lara Croft GO which takes the formula and gives it a little Monument Valley makeover, focusing on puzzles rather than murdering.

There is plenty of murdering though - rest assured.

We liked both games, giving Hitman GO an admirable 8 and Lara Croft GO an even stronger 9.

You can get Hitman GO from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

Lara Croft GO launched today and is available now on iOS [download] and Android [download].

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