Winter Fugitives is a high score-chasing free to play prison break game in which you swipe to move your way away from the slammer through a howling blizzard. Get caught by a guard and you're nicked.

At its core, it's not unlike Crossy Road – you duck and dodge between guards, killing them in the process if you wish.

However the escape scenario does more than enough to set it apart, even if it does feel it would work better with a linear level-based structure.

Sneaking through secret tunnels and gathering abilities – such as instant kills and a gizmo that makes patrol paths visible – makes you feel more powerful as you progress.

And you'll need to, as enemies possess larger vision cones and become more abundant as your score increases.

Importantly, the balance between stealth and making a brash run for it is perfect, and when combined with excellent contextual sound design makes for a constantly hurried, always suspenseful, and often spectacular breakout.

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