Updated on August 20th, at 12:58: Bossa has pushed the release date of I Am Bread back by a week. The game will be out on September 3rd.

Not to worry: more time to play the trillion other games out next week.

Original story follows…

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Bossa's bonkers toast 'em up I Am Bread is coming to the App Store next week.

The game is all about maneuvering a slice of bread, by independently controlling each corner of the slice, in the hopes of reaching your final destination: the toaster.

If you land on the floor, your bread will get dirty and your edibility meter will drop. You'll also want to avoid any ants that have invaded the house. Each level is set in a different room, from the kitchen to the garden.

I Am Bread

Like Bossa's last big game, Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread has become a bit of a cult hit on PC. Now, iPhone and iPad players will get to see what all the fuss is about.

We'll have a review for you upon launch on August 27th. Which is shaping up to be a crazy day, considering the launch of Lara Croft Go, Ski Safari 2, Breakneck, Calvino Noir, and Framed for Android. Yikes!

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