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Cryptic puzzle game The Guides is out now on iOS, but you'll need to learn the binary alphabet and convert morse code to hexadecimal before you can download it.

Just kidding, but that's exactly the sort of stuff you'll be doing in this game.

On each screen you'll be presented with various symbols, glyphs, and mysterious phrases - and you'll have to tap on stuff or type in words to proceed.

You'll be able to saves photos of potential clues, and get access to a number of decoders to help you unravel those tricky coded messages.

The Guides

As you play, you'll uncover an intriguing sci-fi narrative. Fans of games like Blackbar, TouchTone, and The Curse will surely lap it up.

The Guides is out now on iOS at a half price launch price of 79p / 99c.

There's also a compendium companion app for the same price which adds to the story and provides some puzzle hints. Not that you'll need them when our guide to The Guides goes up later today.