We know that Omega Force - the Dynasty Warriors studio - is working on an Attack on Titan game for PS Vita, PS4, and PS4. But we don't know a lot about it.

That has changed slightly due to a recent interview with the game's producer Hisashi Koinuma over on Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online.

Now we know that the project was started by Koinuma back in January 2014. But, after he was appointed vice president of Koei Tecmo in April 2014, he fell back to the position of supervisor.

The plan is to follow the original Attack on Titan story (advised by series creator Hajime Isayama) in a world that you roam freely that lets you co-operate and sacrifice allies as you fight the titans.

It's still a secret as to who you'll be able to play as in the game.

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As to the action in the game, it's being made with a focus on the 3D aerial movement that the grappling wires used to mount titans provide.

Apparently, anyone should be able to take down titans with the basic controls, but doing it swiftly (as is wanted) will take some skill.

Finally, it's being made with the PS4 version as the base. The PS3 and PS Vita versions will branch off from this to match their system specs.

Attack on Titan - which is a working title - will be out in 2016 across North America, Europe, and Japan.