The people at Noodlecake Games do not care for your free time.

If you were one of the many people absorbed by the Silver Award-winning Bitcoin Billionaire when it first came out, well, bad luck: it's calling you back in for more.

Noodlecake has rolled out an update that triples the game's content. Yes, that's ridiculous.

The new stuff is found inside the now functioning time travel machine (if you've bought it). By using it, you can travel back to a prehistoric era where dinosaurs, fossils, and woolly mammoths roam.

There are 25 new investments, four new rooms, over 20 room items, and new achievements. Plus, there's a new rare item and re-investment system for both eras.

Seriously, say goodbye to all your free time.

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That's not all, either. There's also a new supercharge, UI improvements, social leaderboards, as well as stats and cloud saving between devices.

The update is already available on the iOS version of Bitcoin Billionaire (App Store) and will be heading to the Android version (Google Play) on August 13th.

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