Wow, July feels like it was such a long time ago, doesn't it? Possibly because it was and I didn't have the time to get this feature done last week. That's cool though, we're still cool, yeah?

It was that rarest of months though, because it featured a game that received a prestigious Pocket Gamer Platinum Award. They don't come around very often, because, well, then they wouldn't be as prestigious.

There were some other pretty impressive games last month too, including a couple of Games Workshop titles that let you murder aliens and fantasy creatures. Yay.

So without further ado, here are the 10 best games that came out last month. Have a read, have a play, do good times.

By Joel McDonald - Buy on iPhone and iPad
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A beautiful, smart, and utterly unique puzzler that's about manipulating the growth of trees to fill a sky with stars.

It looks amazing, it's got an interesting but unspoken narrative at its heart, and it as the deserving recipient of a Platinum Award.

If you've not played it yet, then you really, really should.

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion
By Rodeo Games - Buy on iPad and iPhone
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Rodeo Games making a Space Marine game? That's going to be great, right? And it is. Gothic violence that sees you shooting squelchy skittering aliens in the face.

It's turn-based, it looks absolutely amazing, and there's a huge chunk of content to sink your teeth into.

Perfect for 40K fans, and for anyone with a penchant for squad-based tactics.

Warhammer: Arcane Magic
By Turbo Tape Games - Buy on iPad and iPhone
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A slick distillation of some of the mechanics from the Warhammer tabletop battles game.

There are cards and dice, ogres and wizards, and special magical runes you need to capture.

It focuses on skirmishes rather than giant scraps, and you get to build up a deck of magical spells to make your wizards more and more powerful.

Cally's Caves 3
By Jordan Pearson - Buy on iPad and iPhone
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A bright and expansive retro platformer that builds on the foundations put down by the first two games in the series. It controls superbly as well.

There's a hint of metroidvania here, and plenty of weapons to unlock and levels to master. It's a challenging experience, but one that's worth the time to master.

By Nitrome - Buy on iPad and iPhone
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Nitrome continued its run of quirky, clever twisted platformers in July with Vault! It's a game about poking a stick into the ground and using it to toss yourself over gaps.

It's an endless runner but it's dripping with the sort of humour and charm we've come to expect from the dev.

Plus it's an engaging twist on a formula that had been feeling tired for a while.

To-Fu Fury
By Amazon Game Studios - Buy on iPad and iPhone
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Another Amazon game, this one's about pinging and twanging a lump of bean curd around a series of levels, collecting chi, and smashing up bad guys.

The game looks amazing, and the touchscreen controls are easy to get to grips with. It gets pretty tough the deeper you get into it, and there's a decent story as well.

This War of Mine
By 11 Bit Studios - Buy on iPad
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A wonderful and harrowing tale of survival in a war-torn country. Grim and gritty in all the right ways, some parts of the game are legitimately difficult to play.

It shows the potential power of the medium, and takes a look at the affects of violence in a way that few other titles ever have.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition
By Klei - Buy on iPad
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A game about not starving. Or getting murdered by monsters in the dark. Randomly generated worlds, plenty to craft, and lots to kill you.

The touch controls on the iPad version work brilliantly, and while the game is designed for longer play sessions, if that's what you're after it's basically perfect.

Operation Dracula
By Crescent Moon Games - Buy on iPad and iPhone
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A wonderfully retro bullet hell-ish shooter that's full of chunky sprites and bright globs of searing plasma and gouts of burning fire.

It's easy to pick up, but once you get into the meat of the game you'll find a weighty challenge that will have your fingers twitching to keep trying.

Magic Duels: Origins
By Wizards of the Coast - Buy on iPad and iPhone
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The version of Magic that card fans have been waiting for. It improves on the earlier iterations and brings some new additions to the party that make it ever more entertaining.

It's still pretty confusing to newcomers, but it's worth persevering with. This is the definitive digital version of the definitive CCG.


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