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If Crossy Road was all about navigating mountains, and the developer was genuinely insane, Down The Mountain may well have been the game we got instead.

You swipe left or right to jump onto an adjacent block while the blocks above you disintegrate into nothing.

That would be difficult enough without the obstacles that wait for you the farther you get down.

Blocks can trap you in jam, subvert the controls, kill you instantly, or be so slippy you have to react much quicker than usual.

Meanwhile, enemies are hopping around, ready to beat you into a bloody pulp if you go anywhere near them.

It's absolutely crazy, and about as comfortable as patting your stomach and rubbing your head at the same time. While the world disintegrates. And someone throws sandwiches at you.

But it's also incredibly addictive. You'll unlock new characters as you increase your score, giving you an actual reason to have one more go.

If you're sold, head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to grab Down The Mountain right now.